Voice Actor's Notebook

A few voice over tips…

Here are a few quick tips from voice over legend Bob Bergen (the amazing voice of Porky Pig plus many many more.)

  • Don’t do a demo until you are ready!
  • When it comes to cartoons, every character has a voice but not all voices have character.
  • If you physically play the character the voice will follow.
  • It’s never slow in the voice over industry if you are a savvy marketer.
  • The script is a skeleton. Your job is to give it a body.
  • You cannot make a wrong choice. The only that might be wrong about a choice is lack of commitment.
  • Never audition to please. The only one to please at an audition is you. You have to take the pressure out of being liked and just love the journey.

A big thank you to Julie Williams for sending this list out in her newsletter!

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